SHIELD is an unparalleled daily immune support hemp extract.

Unlike any other immune-supporting product on the market, SHIELD is a unique formula composed of 18 essential and highly coveted ingredients designed to help your body modulate and maintain optimal immune health. It has been carefully crafted and reviewed with positive approval by professional herbalists with expertise in traditional therapeutics and phytochemistry. 

SHIELD contains a synergistic array of scientifically researched ingredients with potent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating activity. Combining premium-quality CBG Hemp extract, time-tested botanicals like Elderberry, Echinacea, Oregano, Garlic, and more, with hemp-identical terpenes, the SHIELD formulation offers full-body immune support with the added benefit of protecting your respiratory health. 

The herbs in SHIELD have an excellent safety profile and can be used with confidence at appropriate serving amounts suggested. SHIELD is a high-performance immune support supplement.

SHIELD is known to help:

  1. Fortify immune strength
  2. Balance immune responses
  3. Stimulate immune cell production
  4. Modulate balanced immune system
  5. Minimize the negative impacts stress and tension have on immune health