Team Building Rewards (TBR) is a foundational part of our Reward Plan!

To participate in this portion of the Rewards Plan, an Affiliate will build two teams, one to the left and one to the right. An Affiliate will place everyone they sponsor on either their right team or on their left team. As those Affiliates and their customers purchase products, then they will generate Reward Points (RP) for the side they were placed on. Reward Points are generated as 50% of the dollar amount of the products purchased.

When an Active Business Center (ABC) accumulates 200 RPs on each side, a $20 TBR is credited to the ABC – this is also known as a Cycle or 10% of the Reward Points. In order to earn income from this cycling, an Affiliate will need to be both Active and Qualified. Remember, the system wants to pay out each cycle. If an Affiliate is not Qualified and has points being generated below their position, the system will continue to cycle and deduct points BUT these cycles will not be paid out if the Affiliate is not both Active and Qualified. The minimum amount that the TBR pays out is $20, however an Affiliate can cycle an unlimited number of times on a daily or weekly basis. Once an Affiliate cycles in the TBR, then the points used to generate the commission are deducted from the team.

For example, if an Affiliate has 1,000 Reward Points on the left team and 400 Reward Points on the right team, and they are Active and Qualified, then they would cycle twice and earn $40.00. At this point 400 points would be deducted from each side, and 600 points would remain on the Left team waiting for the next time points are accumulated on the right team.

Additionally, when you have 4 Active Affiliates the Reward Points will be generated at 80% of the dollar amount of the products purchased. This is a 60% increase over the base amount.

To accrue Rewards Points an Affiliate must be Active.

To earn commissions on a Cycle an Affiliate must be Qualified.