No. Dr Shade has created our Hemp Oil with a higher concentration of Phytocannabinoid Diols, making ours stronger and less expensive per serving. Of course all the products that Dr Shade creates are of the highest quality - he simply gave us the very best.

Important differences:

  • PrimeMyBody NanoEnhacned Hemp Oil 50 ml product is a higher concentration product with 16 mg of Phytocannabinoid Diols per serving, as opposed to QuickSilvers 12 mg per serving – both bottles have equal number of servings. The 16 mg per serving is a PMB exclusive. QuickSilver will not make this concentration of product available to the general public, nor to their professional network. This is a key differentiator.

  • The biggest benefit is being a PMB Affiliate - The QuickSilver model does not allow you an opportunity to build a business, nor give you the ability to recruit others into an organization you may eventually be able to expand on a global scale and get paid for building a team that buys and sells product in all countries PMB conducts business. There is a distinct advantage to being a PrimeMyBody Affiliate as opposed to being a monthly consumer/subscriber with no ability to build a business - one with a compensation plan that currently maxes out at $75k per week. See PMB’s comp plan.

As a PMB Affiliate, you have potential opportunities that abound on a global scale, as we open countries around the world.