We use tocophersolan (TPGS, tocopherol polyethylene glycol succinate-1000) in our formulation for stabilizing the lipid membranes. Tocophersolan is a synthetic water-soluble version of vitamin E that is an amphiphile – meaning it has both water soluble and fat soluble sections, making it useful as an emulsifier. To be clear, polyethylene glycol it is NOT ethylene glycol, as in antifreeze, and is NOT a plastic.

Tocophersolan has a record of safety based on decades of use in animals and humans and on reported toxicology studies. Studies in humans included dosing of children with digestive malabsorption (i.e. cholestasis) at 40-50 times higher concentrations than that in our Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil for over two years with no adverse events. To achieve this safety level, the absolute highest grades of ingredients were needed in order to avoid the contaminants that make common polysorbates questionable for extended dosing. These high grades of raw materials make tocophersolan ~10X the cost of polysorbates and other commonly used emulsifiers. It is so clean, that it was give the safest rating for an additive by Environmental Working Group. It is safe for transportation, storage and handling. Tocophersolan has a self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status when used as an oral dietary supplement of vitamin E.