We have been working on extensive studies for our hemp oil as the industry does NOT have regulations or guidelines yet. As we are sure that you can agree that anyone can make any claim but the information has yet to be substantiated. Our goal is simple, to provide the best possible answers while at the same time providing factual information. First and foremost, we stand behind our product and believe that it is the superior product.

It is our understanding that one company was able to get the certification and then it was taken away last year. It was an effort to further distinguish their hemp products within the industry, they applied for organic hemp certification and on September 29, 2015, the application was approved by an accredited third-party. This certification means the hemp company can legally market and sell its hemp products bearing the USDA Organic Seal.

However, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an instruction on February 16, 2016 that undermines recent developments in organic hemp certification. The instruction, titled, “Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production,” instructs accredited certifiers regarding the certification of industrial hemp production. Notably, the instruction states that NOP- accredited certifying agents, “may not certify the domestic production of industrial hemp.” Purporting to clarify USDA policy, the memo justifies this instruction by pointing to confusion surrounding the legality of various uses of hemp under the 2014 Farm Bill. Specifically, the memo says that the confusion relates to federal jurisdiction over hemp research pilot projects, using industrial hemp in food and pharmaceutical products and organic certification of industrial hemp. Thus, organic certification of industrial hemp product must cease until the USDA releases further guidance. So, at this time we cannot proceed with the certification process but we are definitely looking into this further as this is an evolving situation in regards to the 2018 Hemp Bill in the Senate.

The Certificate of Analysis is the testing that is concluded from each batch that is produced. Please note that having zero is virtually impossible and is sometimes incorrectly substituted for BELOW detection limits. For example, the detection limit for yeast and mold is <10cfu/ml which our product does each and every batch. However, some may interpret to be zero. The microbial specifications are based on standards that have been suggested by AHPA. Again, our product is “pure” and well below these specifications.

Our industrial hemp is grown in Colorado under the organic standards just as HempWorz. As soon as we have additional testing results, we will be sure to share with our Affiliates and Customers. We will do our best to demonstrate while we completely stand behind our mission to provide the best plant based products to our PMB family.