When an Active Business Center (ABC) accumulates 200 Reward Points on each side, a $20 Team Building Rewards (TBR) is generated – this is also known as a Cycle or 10% of the Reward Points. You must be Qualified to earn the commission on that Cycle. The minimum amount that the TBR pays out is $20, however an Affiliate can cycle an unlimited number of times on a daily or weekly basis. Once an Affiliate cycles in the TBR, then the points used to generate the commission are deducted from each team.

For example, if an Affiliate has 1,000 Reward Points on the left team and 400 Reward Points on the right team, they would cycle twice and earn $40.00. At this point 400 points would be deducted from each side, leaving 600 points on the Left team. These points will remain there until enough points are generated on the right side to cycle again.