To reset your PrimeMyBody Affiliate login password please visit following URL and click on the "Forgot Your Password" link:

Then enter your affiliate Username. An email will be sent to the address on file that is associated with that username with instructions on how to update your password. If you receive a password reset email that you did not request, you can simply ignore it. Your password will not change unless you click the link in the email. This link will expire shortly after it is generated so you will need to use it as soon as you receive the email. This typically happens within a minute or two.

Here are some rules to follow to ensure your reset works properly.

  • The maximum length for passwords is 10 characters
  • Special character $ and & cannot be used. The characters ? and ! are okay.
  • For security reasons, the password reset link is only valid for 2 hours, after that you will need to request a new link from the login page.
  • For security reasons, Corporate, Product, and other banned words are not allowed for use in your password. ie PMB, PrimeMyBody, Hydrate etc.

For additional assistance, please submit a support ticket by clicking here.